Winter Schedule: 9.30-18.00 | Last entry at 16.30

Winter Schedule: 9.30-18.00 | Last entry at 16.30

Past events

  • October 14th and 15th 2023

The Labirinto della Masone presents the eighth edition of Under the Bamboo Tree, an annual event entirely dedicated to bamboo: over a period of two days we will celebrate the infinite virtues of this elegant, flexible, and vigorous plant, the beating heart of the world's largest maze.

  • From April 14 to June 9 2023

Arianna’s Thread, a speaker series curated by Stefano Salis, seven events taking place between April 14 and June 9 around the theme of Rediscovery.

  • Every Saturday, and Sunday from December 3 to December 18, 2022
  • October 15th and 16th 2022

Visitors will be greeted in the entrance courtyard by the climbing performance by Traberproduktion: the unconventional artist Georg Traber will try his hand at building...

  • September 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd 2022
  • June 4 and 5 2022 / June 16, 23 and 29 2022

Francesco Mati, a nursery expert from Pistoia, will speak with Giovanni Fracasso, Head of the Delegation at FAI Parma, about the consequences of climate change...