Winter Schedule: 9.30-18.00 | Last entry at 16.30

Winter Schedule: 9.30-18.00 | Last entry at 16.30

October 31st 2022 -

PHOBOS – Lights and sounds on Halloween night at the Labirinto della Masone

Site-specific installation Punto Zero curated by OTOLAB BRADLEY ZERO Djset ENEA PASCAL Djset MAD & ABC Djset

An immersive sensory experience in the heart of the world's largest bamboo labyrinth. In the Central Court of the park, the audience will find itself surrounded by a large circle of lights and sound speakers, a dynamic sign in which the synchronized interaction of light and sound replaces the environment, distorting its perception.

In the installation curated by OTOLAB, the perceptual qualities of sound and light are put in relation, so as to trace a path from initially simple correspondences to complex and structured modalities, until a true sensory grammar is defined.

At the end of the performance and well into the night, the two dance rooms will light up as usual, featuring performances by British DJ BRADLEY ZERO, DJ and Ivreatronic co-founder ENEA PASCAL and DJs from the Parma-based MAD and ABC collectives with performances by DEN, FAULTY KRU and DANILO LIC.