Bust of a young woman

Libero Andreotti (1875-1933)
20th century, Terracotta

The terracotta portrait represents a young woman with long hair combed back. She is wearing a simple dress pulled up by a ring which hangs around her neck. Libero Andreotti worked in his youth in a blacksmith’s workshop, before meeting Alfredo Caselli (1865-1921) and poet Giovanni Pascoli (1855-1912) in Lucca, who steered him towards artistic interests.

He soon discovered his ability to dominate matter and create refined and sensual forms. In Florence he also continued his work as an illustrator, caricaturist and ceramist. He moved to Milan, where he began focusing on small works of sculpture. He was supported by art dealer Vittore Grubicy de Dragon, who took him to the Venice Biennial and subsequently to Paris.