Bust of Mademoiselle Jannette Nini

Giovanni Battista Nini
1762, Terracotta

This small terracotta bust, with its painstakingly refined detailing, portrays a young girl, her hair pulled up and decorated with roses, looking timidly downwards, portrayed in an intimate and familiar setting. The only known work in the round by Gian Battista Nini would seem to portray, judging by the wording on the base, “Mademoiselle Nini”, a person in the family entourage

and perhaps the daughter of the artist himself.  His works managed to convey the elegant grace of Rococo. Nini is particularly well known for his small terracotta medallions with portraits of famous individuals, all of which feature vividly lifelike features (he executed portraits of Louis XV, Catherine II of Russia, Marie Antoinette, B. Franklin and Loius XVI).