Educational Activities

“Quod in juventute discitur …”

What you learn in your youth, you know forever. 

Labirinto della Masone has scheduled a number of educational activities for children and teens at primary and secondary school level. The classes will be guided through the avenues of the Labyrinth and the rooms of the Museum, as well as the art and book collections of Franco Maria Ricci, to learn about European culture and its traditions.

The visits and workshops can be held during the opening hours of the complex, on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  The times must be agreed in advance.

A general introduction will be followed by more in-depth analysis (and the possibility of a workshop) to be chosen by the teacher: Traditional visit , Art and Collection of Franco Maria Ricci, Publishing and Graphics,  Labyrinths, Customised tours. The visits are adapted to suit the age of the participants.

Information and bookings:
Ph. 0521 827081