International Contest in Naturalistic Painting – First Edition

The Labirinto della Masone, under the patronage of AIPAN (Italian Association for Naturalistic Art), on the occasion of  “Under the bamboo tree” – two days fully dedicated to bamboo that took place on 4 and 5 October 2019 –  launched the fist edition of the International Contest in Naturalistic Painting  Drawing bamboo, which involves the creation of free-technique pictorial works, which have as subject the bamboo species.

The Labirinto della Masone – which is the largest one in the world and is entirely made of sixteen different species of bamboo – aims at focusing the attention on this extraordinary and elegant plant, with many virtues and just recently discovered in Italy.

The contest aims at highlighting the variety of species and their peculiarities and at giving them relevance.

It is an international contest. Participation in the contest is open to all, professional and non-professional illustrators, being over 18 years of age. The theme can be freely interpreted as long as the most relevant aspect is the botanic one.

Participants who wish, once registered, will have the opportunity to be admitted for free to the Labirinto della Masone in order to paint live during the regular opening hours by proving they have properly registered in the contest

The deadline for the registration is 30/06/2020 and here the regulation and the application form can be downloaded. The evaluation will take into account the consistency with the theme, the communication effectiveness, the originality and the overall impression.

The award winner and the artists who shall receive mentions will be announced on the website by October 2020.

The winner will receive a 500 euros prize. The works by the winner and the artists who shall receive mentions will be displayed in a temporary exhibition dedicated to the Award, to be held at the Labirinto della Masone from 3rd to 25th October, which will be inaugurated during the cultural event “Under the Bamboo Tree”.

During the exhibiton the artists will be free to sell the original works, awarding Labirinto della Masone a percentage to be agreed with the organizers.

A catalogue with the works displayed in the exhibition will be made. Finalists will be gifted with it, and it will be on sale for the public.

The award  will be given during the ceremony at the Labirinto della Masone during the fifth edition of the cultural event “Under The Bamboo Tree” to be held on 4 October.


Laura Casalis Ricci
Lorenzo Bar, president of AIB (Bamboo Italian Association)
Renato Bruni, Scientific director of Orto Botanico in Parma
Mauricio Cardenas, architect and scientific director of UTBT 2020
Valentina Downey, president of ADI (Association for industrial Design) Emilia-Romagna
Stefano Faravelli, Naturalist painter
Marta Santacatterina, Journalist, design expert


Angela Zaffignani
+39 0521 827081



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