Carlo Edoardo Stuart, Duke of York “The Young Pretender”

Francesco Trevisani
18th century, oil on canvas

Charles Edward (1720-1788), also known as “the Young Pretender”, a descendent of the Stuart house. He was the son of James Edward Stuart and grandson of James II Stuart, the last kind of the dynasty, which was proclaimed to have fallen during the Glorious Revolution.  Francesco Trevisani, originally from Istria, worked in Rome for much of his life. 

Whilst in the city he became acquainted with the work of Carlo Maratta and the Arcadia Academy (of which he became a member): both influences were reflected in Trevisani’s taste for languid sentimentality and elegiac atmospheres. His technique in facial features was almost sculptural. Together with the shaded complexions and gracefully foreshortened poses, they were the defining features of his portraits. He was an exponent of the French-led worldly tastes popular in Rome around the middle of the seventeenth century.