View of fields at Brois

Giuseppe Pietro Bagetti
18th century, Watercolour on paper with raised gouache

The watercolour shows a raised road along which a cart full of hay is moving in the foreground, crossed by various soldiers. It winds its way through the valley up to a camp on an outcrop. The nature portrayed is grand and impressive, and towers over the humans, with tiny figurines which are lost amidst the landscape.

Bagetti studied topographical maps when creating his drawings and generally he would gather information about the individuals involved in the events at hand before starting to draw his sketches out in the field. His knowledge of techniques acquired through the years he studied architecture allowed him to produce faithful and highly detailed portrayals of reality. His watercolours are extremely vivid, and the equilibrium between the various parts of the whole give an overall sensation of harmony, in which there is no perception of details that disturb the general effect.